6 Tricks to Brighten Up a Dark Room
8th Jan 2021

6 Tricks to Brighten Up a Dark Room

Sometimes, the only thing missing from a well-designed space is adequate lighting. Yet, the lack of proper lighting to accentuate any given area can ruin the most thought out design. Here are some easy steps anyone can take to brighten up those dark corners.

Steer Clear of Dark Walls and Ceilings

Using color to design a room is a proven method of personalizing and beautifying a space. You can, however, use too many dark hues of any given color. Try to avoid using dark shades of paint on the main walls and the ceiling. If you must have a particular color that happens to be dark, try and limit its use to trim and accent areas.

Avoid Large Ceiling Fixtures

It is almost impossible to open up an area when a large ceiling fan or light fixture draws your eye to the center of the ceiling. Try to avoid large ceiling installations, as they tend to stifle the flow of light across the upper portion of a room. If you need a ceiling light fixture, there are many modern chandeliers that provide sufficient light without being cumbersome and overbearing.

Less is More

Large plush furniture and long dark tables have a tendency to reduce the lighting of a room. Besides casting more shadows and blocking light, a lot of furniture jammed into any space creates a cluttered look. Replace large sectional sofas and clunky shelves or entertainment centers with small, sleeker chairs and light-colored tables. This will allow light to travel freely across the room, achieving the desired effect.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Placing mirrors opposite light sources and windows will do wonders when it comes to brightening an area. When you hang a mirror in a room, you open up that location to all the natural and artificial light. Mirrors are an excellent way to make use of and amplify existing light.

Sometimes Smaller is Better

Many times a homeowner will look for large solutions to small problems. Perhaps a space has sufficient light but has dark corners or a single dark wall. Small ambient light sources such as candles and accent lights can be used to brighten dark areas in an otherwise well-lit room. There is no need to flood a room with additional light when the same results could be achieved by adding more subdued lighting sources.

Outdoor Lighting Suggestions

The quest to bring more light to your living space doesn’t end at the door. Many of us have under-utilized outdoor spaces due to the lack of proper lighting in the evening hours. An outdoor chandelier can be used to brighten a dark porch or deck space. Many weather-proof lighting solutions can help you achieve a brighter, more welcoming outdoor experience.

Light World has been helping people find the best home lighting solutions for over 30 years. If you find yourself struggling to brighten a dark room, contact us. Our expert staff will help you find the right light source for your needs.

8th Jan 2021

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