​Avoid These 5 Common Lighting Mistakes
17th Feb 2021

​Avoid These 5 Common Lighting Mistakes

Lighting is a design element, not just illumination. These five common mistakes are typical ways that people select great fixtures but produce bland lighting effects. Why not enjoy life and light your home for energy, style, and even intrigue?

Make Sure Your Work Areas are Carefully Lit

Whole-room fixtures are great for illuminating large areas, but they can still leave key work areas in the dark. In the kitchen, use under-counter lighting, pendants above gathering spaces, and recessed lights to fill out the room. In bathrooms, avoid exclusively "high-key" lighting from above that produces too much contrast on the face — have eye-level illumination around your mirror for relaxing morning preparations instead.

Avoid Oversimplifying Bedroom Lighting

Don't simply install geometric or evenly spread bedroom lighting that doesn't flatter your personal space. Using pendant lights for a sitting space and indirect lighting by the bed allows you to create morning brightness, evening relaxation, and low-energy transitions to sleep. Don't forget to provide flexible lighting controls.

Freestanding Lights with Manual Switches are Old School

In the past, dimmer switches were for a few key locations like the dining room table. Now, it's wonderful to be able to adjust rooms by brightening and dimming certain areas. It's like the lighting on a stage set. In the family room, turn a recessed light on for reading in a lounge chair, but when the chair is empty, dim the light. Have several grouped brightness settings for rooms depending on their uses.Modern outdoor lighting can use grouped effects, too, creating a party or romantic atmosphere.

Bouncing Light off Flat Walls is Boring

Design your lighting to emphasize features in your rooms, such as textured walls, corners, and gathering spaces. Avoid blasting light at drywall for indirect but unremarkable illumination of the space.

Fixture Selection is a Learned Skill

Learn how to select fixtures that are proportional to the room. Ask your lighting expert for the formulas that work best for modern chandeliers and other prominent fixtures, indoors and outdoors. Match the color, finish, and style of your fixtures to your space and your home's theme, whether modern, traditional, or avant-garde.

Light, like sound, is more enjoyable when it's creatively produced and presented in an ambient fashion. Use your lighting resources to enhance your living spaces, not just illuminate them. There are so many wonderful fixtures and lighting technologies to choose from! Ask us at Light World to show you what's new.

17th Feb 2021

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