Explore the Lighting Trends of 2021
8th Jan 2021

Explore the Lighting Trends of 2021

Lighting is one of the central aspects of any indoor setting. Over the years, we've seen creative lighting trends reinvent spaces in ways we couldn't have fathomed, and 2021 is expected to be another exciting year to usher in new lighting trends.

Here is an overview of four lighting trends to watch out for in the new year:

Hidden Lighting

Wouldn't it be amusing if you had lighting without a visible source? It is possible, and it is a futuristic trend that will go on beyond 2021!

Hidden lighting is possible using a variety of techniques. Popular options are recessed fixtures, whereby only the bulbs optical glass and outer ring are visible. Another popular option is positional luminaries that are built into surfaces: the ceiling, floor, and walls – these are especially ideal for bathroom light fixtures. Hidden lighting is excellent for highlighting each room's architectural form.

Light Illusions

Light illusions are not a new concept. However, they are more realistic and mesmerizing today than ever before. Modern light shows can take on incredibly complex and breathtaking patterns and designs thanks to new and upcoming technology, which makes it possible to synchronize all the light sources in your house for these light shows. Essentially, you can cover every inch of your house in mesmerizing lights. Different illusions can be used to set varying moods. For example, low-intensity, warm lighting will help calm you after a long day at work, while mesmerizing patterns will come in handy for a party.

Sustainable Lighting

Did you know that lighting accounts for about six percent of all CO2 emissions? However, you don't have to contribute to climate change to light your space. The solution is switching to energy-efficient lighting. To this end, more people will be switching to LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs in 2021, which will help reduce CO2 emission by as much as 1,400 million tons. More people will also explore natural lighting alternatives, such as using clear screen roofing to let the sunlight through.

Sculptural Lamps

A sculptural lamp is visually appealing, complements your room's décor, and is practical for providing ambient lighting. Sculptural lamps come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and they make for awe-inspiring artistic impressions. Ground structural lamps will help accentuate your sleek flooring, while tabletop lamps will highlight your elegant furniture. Structural lamps also blend in well with artistic, modern chandeliers. It is also worth noting that lava lamps are making a nostalgic come-back, and they are exploring new styles and designs.

Light Your World

Light symbolizes positivity and creativity, so go for the best lighting option you can in the new year. Light World offers a wide range of contemporary, stylish lighting options, and we are setting the trend for 2021. Get in touch to learn more about how we can light up your World!

8th Jan 2021

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