How to Improve Home Office Lighting
18th Jan 2021

How to Improve Home Office Lighting

The right home office lighting can reduce eye fatigue, increase productivity, and save you a significant amount of money. But what should you focus on when looking to update the lighting in your home workspace?

Here is how to create a more productive atmosphere in your home office.

Draw in Natural Light

There are several ways to utilize natural light to create the desired ambiance in your home office. The office's design should include large windows, skylights, and atriums to allow as much light into the room as possible. Placing your desk by the window will boost your mood, increase your productivity, and save on your electricity bill.

Keep it Indirect

Rather than focusing light directly onto your work surface, you should find ways to illuminate the entire office space. Diffusing the light from overhead sources like industrial pendant lighting will help reduce glare and avoid casting shadows. You can also use lampshades to soften and scatter harsh light, effectively reducing eye strain.

Add Trendy Task Lighting

There are times when you will need direct light to help you execute certain tasks. Installing stylish task lighting will not only improve the appearance of your space but also boost your comfort and productivity. These lights are closer to the work surface, a factor that will promote energy and cost savings.

Consider Where Your Light is Coming From

Location is an important consideration when planning to improve home office lighting. You will have to think about where your light is coming from to avoid annoying glares and unintended shadows. Arrange lighting carefully to increase the light's coverage and make the most of your space. Our lighting products can help you add beauty and ensure there is adequate light in your home office.

Install Window Shades

When it comes to natural light, you should have just as much as you need. To control the amount of light in the room, you can consider installing window shades, blinds, or adjustable louvers. Alternatively, you can buy cool sheer curtains or have a tall indoor plant next to your home office window.

Lighting that Adapts to Your Needs

You should also consider creating a lighting environment that changes. Generally, we need more light in the evenings than in the mornings. Whether you are using overhead lights or farmhouse table lamps, consider going for lighting that changes depending on your needs and time of the day. Dimmers and multiple layers of light will also enable you to customize your lighting.

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18th Jan 2021

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