The Best Lighting of 2020
18th Jan 2021

The Best Lighting of 2020

Appropriate lighting will not only keep your space illuminated but also improve the aesthetic appeal of the rooms. Proper ambient lighting will also allow you to create the desired mood in your space. Whether you prefer modern chandeliers, vintage floor lamps, or table lamps, you will want your home to be both stylish and functional.

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Natural Materials

When it comes to lighting and interior design, natural materials are becoming increasingly commonplace. Lights made from materials like metal, glass, wood, and burlap have been gaining popularity. These options not only signify a return to nature but also fit into different styles, making it easy to create the perfect indoor space.

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Geometric Designs

Over the past few years, more and more homeowners have turned to geometric shapes. These designs bring an architectural and casual feel to your lighting and give your rooms a unique appearance. One of the benefits of geometric designs is that they work great in all rooms. Whether you prefer a pendant or chandelier, you will definitely find something that matches your preferences.

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Vintage Lights

Vintage lights made a remarkable comeback to become one of the top lighting trends of 2020. Retro wrought iron lights can help you add an artistic feel and a bit of personality to your space. The iron rods will also fit perfectly if you prefer to go with a minimalistic interior modern theme. These lights work well in the dining area, kitchen, or lounge.

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LED Lights

LED lighting comes in different shapes and sizes. LEDs are becoming cheaper, making them an excellent choice for those looking for an efficient and environmentally-friendly form of lighting. In terms of the latest trends, there has been a shift towards hidden light that creates a charming and sophisticated look. LED bulbs can be installed inside wall depressions, under staircases, and under counters.

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Refined Industrial

Classic industrial lighting remains timeless. However, the last decade has seen a shift in tastes as people increasingly go for a more refined industrial style. The new trend features the use of industrial shapes and materials but is finished in brass, polished chrome, or matte black. Refined industrial style is particularly popular in the dining room and kitchen lighting fixtures.

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Combination Lighting

No single lighting option is adequate for every task. You can try mixing different types of lighting to ensure you utilize the best features of each component of the mix. For example, lighting that features LED and postmodernist styles can make for elegant modern outdoor lighting. Use your creativity to design with the ideal lighting combination for your living space.

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18th Jan 2021

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